Hey there, incredible soul!

I See YOU.

You’re an amazing Asian female service-based entrepreneur. 

You might be a coach, influencer, therapist, healer, creative, or any service-based soul led business with huge dreams! 

You already have some clients and you’re getting them amazing results.

You just know you’re here to make a big impact in the world through your purpose-led brand.

And you know you’re ready to expand and breakthrough to the next level.

Yet, something’s not quite fitting into place.

From the outside everything looks great…

 But that’s not the full story.



You know there’s a missing puzzle piece in terms of hitting that next level in your business and increasing your income and impact…

You’ve figured out how to get your business off the ground and running, but you’ve hit a block and you don’t know where to go from here.

You’re tired of projecting this image of confidence on the outside when really, you’re lacking in self-belief on the inside.

You’re waking up each day with great intentions to create great content but end up hiding your magic and failing to take action because of the fear of others 

You’re so powerful yet you constantly underplay your gifts and talents in this world.

So, what if there was another way? 

A way and a programme that embodies and teaches the latest deep mindset, aligned soulful marketing, and manifestation techniques for an online business in 2022. 

 A way that makes you feel empowered to take action on a daily basis.

 A way that personally speaks to your soul, so you feel good enough and worthy enough daily  

 A way where you can learn all the strategic marketing and mindset strategies you need for a successful business.  

Because I know that you are the world’s best-kept secret.

 And YOU know that there is SO much more available to you right now. 

 It’s time for you to start owning your power and what you are meant for in this world. 

 It’s time for you to step into your next level expansive self. 


And it’s time for your REBIRTH.


Tell me, does this sound familiar?

You have cultural and mindset blocks to overcome that are getting in the way of achieving your business vision. I am talking about fear of failing, visibility blocks, and a lack of confidence and perhaps self worth.

You are so overwhelmed with how much there is to do, and you don’t know what to focus on. I mean you do not even know what marketing strategies are available to you that could really elevate your brand and help you attract dream clients.

You don’t have the knowledge when it comes to online marketing strategies because lets face it posting aimlessly on Instagram just doesn’t cut it anymore!

You live with daily fear of judgment from others. Perhaps that is your family and friends, or even ex work colleagues and you don’t get visible.

You’re continually self-sabotaging yourself instead of taking action and going ‘all in’ on your business.

You’re keeping yourself ‘busy’ with menial tasks instead of doing the things that matter in your business that move the needle forward.

In your journey to success, you thought you’d be further along right now. But instead, each month you’re wondering how to make more impact in your business and grow it.

Do you really want to spend the next few years trying to work it out on your own?

I mean time is our biggest commodity after all. 

What if I told you, I could cut the learning curve for you and help you quantum leap forward so you can get to where you want much faster?

What if I told you that I know exactly what’s working right now in 2022 in the online business space and in relation to mindset and marketing?

And I can lead you into the next level version of you?

Because I know that you are destined for so much more!

Did you know that 80% of success is mindset?

That’s why I focus on advanced mindset, manifestation, and soulful marketing techniques, strategies and tools so you can step up into your power and attract dream clients in a sustainable way in my high-level business and mindset mastermind. 

Because this isn’t your average Business Mastermind.

We go way beyond what you would usually expect to find, uncovering those limiting cultural beliefs plus releasing them, and discovering everything that’s working in the online business world right now. 

Because creating a successful and sustainable business in 2022 isn’t just about posting on Instagram and Facebook daily! 

And you know what?

Unfortunately, being in a programme with all white women just isn’t going to cut it. 

Your blocks are bigger than that. 

It’s time to release your cultural conditioning and overcome those mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

You can't do this on

your own.

I know, because I tried.

The truth of the matter is that without the right advanced mindset techniques, business strategy and marketing tools, support, environment, and action, it’s very hard to succeed in the online space.   

That’s the raw truth.

Not only that, but you also need to be in the right supportive environment to make changes and feel supported and held. Most of the time our husbands, partners and friends just don’t get it!

Have you ever heard the saying, “you are the sum of the 5 people you place your company with?”  

If you place yourself in a positive high vibe supportive environment, it will have a positive influence on your business. That’s a fact. 

See I know you; I know that you can create the life of your dreams AND have a successful business with the income you desire. 

Yes! You can have it all. 

You just need to stop playing small and make big bold actions whilst working on your strategy and mindset.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve been there myself and I know how it feels.  

I also know how it feels to be on the other side.

I've grown up on the roughest street in my hometown and I’m a proud survivor of workplace and online bullying. 

I’m an Asian female entrepreneur myself and I wholeheartedly understand the cultural blocks we all face. 

And most importantly, I’ve helped hundreds of Asian women transform their life with the mindset and marketing strategies I’ve shared. 

I am so far from the miserable bullied corporate girl I was only a few years back! 

But that's not the most important part. 

The important part is I have helped so many Asian female entrepreneurs just like you create the businesses of their dreams.  

And now, it’s your turn.

This Is How We Execute:

Here are just some of my results from some incredible women I have worked with: 

Misha Patel

Therapy With Misha

I signed up to Rebirth as soon as it launched because I knew I needed Sharn's business knowledge and guidance to save me years in researching to launch and succeed in my therapy and narcissistic abuse business.

I haven't just got a business and mindset programme but I have also got my very own cheerleaders with the other ladies in the group!

The portal that Sharn has created with all of the detailed trainings has been amazing with videos from Sharn and other experts in their fields. The Q&A's and coaching sessions have been an added bonus to help me move my business forward.

I signed my first few clients only after being in a the mastermind for a few months and I was starting my business and Instagram account from scratch. I now also have mindset and business strategies that will help me build my business to attract more dream clients.

If you are an Asian female entrepreneur wanting to up-level your business and life then I would 100% recommend Sharn's programs! You will not regret it!

Varsha Khatri

Illuminated Health

I’ve had my business, Illuminated Health for ten years. However, since having my first child in 2016, I went into business maintenance mode rather than continuing to grow and thrive in my wellness business.

When I was ready to start growing again, it was just before the beginning of the pandemic and I felt super stuck. I tried on my own, but just couldn’t get the leverage that I needed in my business to grow it and attract dream clients.

Then that is when I found Sharn’s existing business mastermind. I was able to go from feeling stuck and lacking the growth mindset to feeling confident and having a business strategy in place to grow my business beyond even my own expectations. I have been fully booked with dream client's since executing on the marketing and mindset strategies taught in Sharn's mastermind.

Sharn’s trainings have been extremely helpful and she helped me focus on my mindset and even worked with me to eliminate mindset blocks and help create the ideal balance of work and play. From working on mindset and setting goals to strategizing and implementation, Sharn has it all covered in her mastermind to ensure that you can truly thrive within your business.

Business for me is not just growing, but thriving and at the same time, I’m feeling more accomplished and confident within myself as well.

Amreeta Sagoo

Founder of Curly Needle

Sharn’s mastermind has provided me with the confidence to achieve what I was once afraid to achieve in my business.

I've gone from being shy, lacking in self-confidence and not managing my time efficiently to being an action taker, truly believing in myself and my creative skills.
For me the mindset shift has been the biggest takeaway and because of the trainings within the mastermind and 1-2-1 support Sharn provided throughout our Q&A sessions and coaching calls, I've learnt and implemented so many marketing changes in my business.
This has resulted in hitting my first £2k month, launching my website, growing my social channels, attracting my ideal clients, and overall pushing myself out my comfort zone to achieve my goals!
I know this is just the start and so much more is on it's way!

Janeena Sahota

Brand Designer

'I joined the mastermind without even having any idea I would launch my own branding & social media design business. I remember my first one to one coaching call with Sharn, and she said Janeena you have the potential to do something truly incredible. I remember taking this in and thinking if I put my all into it, I can truly make something of this.

I am so glad I made the leap to join the mastermind as I can truly say the opportunities so far have been endless. When I joined the mastermind, I felt overwhelmed, afraid to show up because I was scared what my family/friends would think and also, I needed that push, guidance, support and community spirit. Looking back now, only a couple of months after completing the mastermind I can definitely say all these limiting beliefs have completely disappeared.

As a result of the mastermind, I launched my business at the beginning of the year and I have been attracting and booking consistent clients each month, and I have a waitlist now!

The great thing thing is the continuous support you receive, no matter how big or small a question Sharn and the other ladies are always on hand to support and help. I’ve gained so much knowledge around business, marketing, content creation you name it. I would highly recommend the mastermind to anyone sitting on the fence, it’s an investment but the reward and opportunities are endless.'

Ganga Bhambra

Makeup & Hair Artist

'I joined the Shine and Rise mastermind group in 2019 and I noticed a significant difference in my business. I was already an established business but not a brand and I was struggling to attract my ideal clients that pay higher fees.

Having been through this journey it has helped me so much in business. I am finally attaching my right client, my mindset towards money and business has completely changed, and I truly feel this has made a huge difference in all aspects of my life.

Since doing the mastermind I have been booking more destination weddings, working more with celebrities, and even traveling abroad for these celebrities! I always dreamed it but didn't think it was achievable, but the mastermind has shown that everything is possible.

Thank you so much Sharn!'

Janeena Sahota

Brand Designer

'I joined the mastermind without even having any idea I would launch my own branding & social media design business. I remember my first one to one coaching call with Sharn, and she said Janeena you have the potential to do something truly incredible. I remember taking this in and thinking if I put my all into it, I can truly make something of this.

I am so glad I made the leap to join the mastermind as I can truly say the opportunities so far have been endless. When I joined the mastermind, I felt overwhelmed, afraid to show up because I was scared what my family/friends would think and also, I needed that push, guidance, support and community spirit. Looking back now, only a couple of months after completing the mastermind I can definitely say all these limiting beliefs have completely disappeared.

As a result of the mastermind, I launched my business at the beginning of the year and I have been attracting and booking consistent clients each month, and I have a waitlist now!

The great thing thing is the continuous support you receive, no matter how big or small a question Sharn and the other ladies are always on hand to support and help. I’ve gained so much knowledge around business, marketing, content creation you name it. I would highly recommend the mastermind to anyone sitting on the fence, it’s an investment but the reward and opportunities are endless.'

My REBIRTH high level mastermind is for you if…

You’re a purpose-driven, heart-centred, ambitious Asian female entrepreneur, with a big mission, vision and a desire to create big things in the world.

You’re an action taker and make decisions quickly despite feeling the fear.

You are willing to do the mindset work to move the blocks that are holding you back. You will really have to go there and dig deep (there might be tears) but we will all be there to support you entirely on your journey.

You aren’t a hobby business, and you are serious about your growth and commitment.

You are not getting the consistent income in your business due to a lack of enquiries or you just aren’t converting the enquiries. You are constantly in a cycle, and you finally want to breakthrough! 

You want to up level and expand your creative business and you deeply appreciate being led by a mentor who has been there and done it!

You want your own small tribe of high vibe amazing Asian female entrepreneurs around you in a private confidential setting that become your cheerleaders. Together you will feel held and supported. This will be your network for life.

You are sick of comparison and just want to get over it like yesterday.

You want a marketing system and a plan which you can follow and build on to generate those dream clients and income! And so much more…

You’re solution-based and not stuck within a victim mentality.

You have clients already but are ready to attract MORE dream clients to hit your next income milestone.

You’re willing to put in the work and be challenged on your thinking even if you feel scared.

This ISN'T for you if…

…You want the work done for you. No one gets to skip the steps to success, so you need to be willing to be put in the work.

…You have zero clients and zero experience of serving clients.

…You believe in making passive income whilst sitting on the beach in Bali as the pounds roll in whilst you sip on your Mojito!

…You’re looking for a quick fix, ‘a get rich quick scheme’.

So, how does it work?

In March 2022 we will be starting the REBIRTH Mastermind for five months.

We will be covering the below topics in our mastermind and so much more!


What Else Do I Receive?

3 x Group coaching calls per month so you can take inspired action in your business at lightning speed! You will be personally coached by me on these calls. This is not about cookie cutter generic advice, this is about bespoke and personalised coaching to help you move forward and come unstuck! And above all take action. You will experience big AHA moments and by even just listening in you will receive breakthroughs and golden nuggets of advice which you can implement in your business! VALUE: £3000

High Touch and high vibe support. Spaces are capped at a maximum of 25 ambitious women therefore you will not be in a space with hundreds and thousands of people getting zero attention. You will be fully supported, guided, and mentored by me. VALUE: £1000

2 x live Q&A sessions per month which will be recorded so you can get all your business and mindset questions answered so you can collapse your timeline and move much faster. VALUE: £500

Access to a suite of trainings designed to elevate your business and attract your dream clients. VALUE: PRICELESS

My signature launch methods and frameworks specifically designed for Asian female entrepreneurs. This is a strategy I personally use to generate multiple five figure launches every time and have helped so many of my clients achieve their own five figure launches! You will walk away knowing exactly how to run your challenges and masterclasses successfully and above all attract clients!

Benefit from bi-weekly feedback Wednesday threads so you can get feedback on anything you desire related to business! Finally get structured feedback on anything you want. Think your website, copy, your follow up process – anything really. This is where the magic happens when you are stuck! VALUE: £2000

Weekly accountability so you can stay on track of your goals and be held accountable. Big dreams need an action plan and accountability. The faster you take action the quicker you will see results! That’s why we have weekly accountability threads so we can check in with you weekly on how you have progressed. THEY WORK and guarantee you will make progress faster than on your own! VALUE: £2000

Bespoke copy feedback on your copy so you can get visible with your words and help you attract your dream clients. VALUE: £2000

My unique copywriting and content formula which has helped me and so many of my other clients build a brand that attracts dream clients and is sustainable. Oh did I mention that I had a number one wedding blog ranked in Google? I can’t wait to share everything with you! VALUE: £2000


Not only that!

You get the below incredible trainings by experts:

Plus these incredible bonuses to collapse your success timeline and help you quantum leap!

Direct copy feedback from our in-house copywriter so you can communicate your message clearly and attract your dream clients. This can be your content, sales pages, or emails! This alone is going to literally save you years of trying and failing! 

Energy healing with my own personal energy healer to help you release fear and judgment, and unblock those cultural and mindset blocks.

My custom-made hypnotic record to help you reprogram your mind for success and attract more abundance into your life! 

My top tools and techniques for you to manifest your dream life and clients. These are the tools and techniques that I have either used myself or with my clients to create long lasting change and to manifest SO many of my desires!


Here are just some of my results from some incredible women I have worked with: 


Crystal Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Angel Practitioner

'Sharn's mastermind has been a game changer for my energy healing business.

When it was time to push things forward with my business, I had one to one sessions with Sharn, things went smoothly after that. I would never have achieved what I did without Sharn. When it came time to launch my crystal grids, I called Sharn. The grids sold so well, I couldn't believe how well they did because of Sharn's help with strategy.

I had so many highest income months last year and this year! Sharn helps bring out your inner creative and inner entrepreneur... anything she touches turns to gold. She really has flipped my life and business around! I now have the confidence to do things in my business that I never did due to the mastermind and one to one sessions. I also now have a healing cabin!

I have consistent clients, income and sold out workshops, programs and retreats each month and I know so much of this is down to the mindset and marketing strategies Sharn has taught us in the mastermind.'

Sonal Pandya

Jewellery Designer and Fashion Stylist

'I’ve had such a fantastic experience with Sharn's Shine and Rise Mastermind group. I joined back in 2018 and my business has gone from strength to strength.

I now have a store in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham! 

I also created a sister styling brand to conduct campaigns with incredible brand names such as Ekta Solanki, Bobby Brown, Jo Malone and so many more!

Throughout the process, I have gained confidence in how to better myself and my businesses.

Sharn is always engaging and an inspiration to work with. Nothing is ever too much for her.

She has helped me change my mindset and really helped me with my confidence.

She has really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Through the support and more practical techniques around ‘putting yourself out there’ the overall experience gained has been momentum.


Founder of Dandies Clothing

In Sharn Khaira I found a truly amazing mentor. I think we have built a strong relationship based on trust and openness. She brought incredible insight and balanced perspectives and at the same time has challenged me at all the right times to push myself that much harder to achieve my ambitions. 

I also pivoted my business and had continuous £2500 in less than 14 days, £3k, and £5+ months during these uncertain times and continuing to prosper with unlimited knowledge I received from Sharn.

Many might think what is so refreshing about the Mastermind programme? This has created such a positive dynamic in my business relationships, personal growth and in business. The advice you are receiving is genuine, sincere and only has your best interests at the heart of it. It’s nice to have a fresh pair of eyes double-check to ensure all efforts one is taking leads to the right path.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Mastermind Programme. It’s been incredible to have had insight from a highly talented woman that has made it  and is on her way up.

I have made fantastic relationships with my fellow Masterminder’s who are thriving in their businesses, and I have their backs in many possible ways. They have all kindly shared their wisdom on their respective journeys. Again what has struck me is the sincerity and openness of the whole team.

Sonal Dave

Toastmaster & Celebrate

'I would definitely recommend Sharn to anyone who is looking to achieve results in a quick time through Sharn’s mastermind or mentoring.

It doesn't matter how old you are, or where you are in your business.

However, word of caution - you have to be prepared to do the work. 

Sharn will give you lots of tools, mindset and marketing strategies. She will also share with you a number of ways to get your business noticed and visible, but you have to be passionate and do the work.

I cannot even start to explain the support, guidance and contacts you will receive but there is so much more to learn than just setting up your business!

Thank you Sharn, since my relaunch in September, I have increased bookings, clients and exposure and my business is being noticed so differently and more than before.

I have also had my highest income month.

I have also won numerous awards, been featured in the Daily Mail and lots of other mainstream publications!

Aarti Sawhney

Founder of New Vision Opticians

'A full-time mummy, with 3 kids & I live with my in-laws, own an Opticians with my husband, I also have a part-time job, just because I own a optician doesn’t mean I want to work with my husband, and I have a few social responsibilities and I love networking plus there are loads of family commitments too because I’m Punjabi so we just like celebrating anything so life is FULL! When I took on the mastermind OMG what was I thinking but shifted a few things around because I wanted to make a change and I wanted to make a difference and I knew I have more potential than I think and more importantly I had the support. But this was not going to happen if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone.

Since then I’ve made SOME awesome changes to my business. The details are far too much to write down but we finally did it.

I had the confidence to win a contract with a local school and take the action to deliver back to back workshops for eye health care and present to 700 children. Just recently we hosted our first charity gala with no experience and received beautiful commitments and successfully raised £22,000 in just one evening.

My confidence is booming, I’m now hosting events for my boss with audiences of over 400 people.

The hesitatIon and “what people will think of me “ is out the window.

Thanks for bringing back the old me.'

Sonia Rani

Makeup Artist

'Being on the mastermind was one of the best decisions I ever made. For many reasons.

Firstly, the mindset training. This was quite early on in the programme and I can see why, because mindset is everything. I was blown away with the mindset training and for me, this was the most meaningful part of the mastermind. I learnt so many new techniques and methods, which I implemented and I genuinely noticed differences not just from a business aspect, but also on a personal level too. And those around me saw a noticeable difference too. I can't thank Sharn enough for introducing me to a whole new world and helping me change my life and mindset.

As well as mindset training, the mastermind is jam-packed full of content on marketing, budgeting, planning, content management - you name it, it's covered. There is a lot to take in and a lot of homework to do, but I loved the momentum and accountability that was created.

Finally, being on the mastermind introduced me to an amazing network of inspirational women. I loved our group conversations and meetups, and it was so nice to meet like-minded women and know that you're not alone on your journey. It gave me such a boost being surrounded by such amazing women!

If you're unsure about joining the mastermind - don't be. It's worth every penny and I can guarantee it will change your life in some way.


Gurjinder Bhogal

Founder of Mamba Events & Marketing

'I've been running my Events & Marketing Business for over two years and decided to join the mastermind earlier this year.

My business came to a complete standstill in April with the lockdown and I had my first zero income month! A real shock to the system!

The Mastermind came at the perfect time!

I followed the Mastermind trainings and all the advice given by Sharn Khaira down to the T!

I did everything, took myself out of my comfort zone and managed to do more in 3 weeks of the mastermind than I'd ever done in the last 2 years.

I managed to massively PIVOT my business in line with the market and lockdown and have had fully booked months since the mastermind!

I'm now building my pipeline for later this year! And this is before I've even relaunched!

I can't recommend the Mastermind enough and being part of the Mastermind community.

I'm working with some amazing women who keep me motivated every day and want to strive for success.

Even during times of uncertainty, like lockdown and the pandemic, Sharn Khaira, and your Mastermind ladies, will work with you to thrive! '

Parv Kalam

Founder of MySkin Laser Clinic

'I joined the Mastermind in March 2020 without a second thought after doing the free 5 day challenge and masterclass but then lockdown happened and I wasn't so sure anymore if this was going to benefit me or my business - but I couldn't have been more wrong!

The first thing I want to say about Sharn and the MM experience is wow! The second thing I want to say about Sharn is that she is a god send to Asian female entrepreneurs - because I do feel we have it pretty tough.

Sharn has been totally amazing in absolutely everything in terms of high energy and mindset, strategies and taking the right action for my business. Her input, ideas and personalised approach to me and my business has been immeasurable.

The mindset work has made me discover blocks I never knew I had, clarity in all aspects of my business and she's even encouraged me to go bigger and better by thinking outside the box! The sky's the limit!

The feedback, Q&A's and trainings have really helped me up my game and take my business to another level. As a result I have had the busiest and most profitable month since returning to work on 4th July. I have literally gone from clients calling and asking a million questions then say I will think about it to them now calling and saying I want to book a consultation!

From being on this journey, not only has my business developed but so have I. I feel stronger, empowered and my why is so strong that I know I will achieve my goals. Game Changer. Thank you Sharn, I am forever grateful xx'

Tejal Prajapati

Founder of TP Creative

'It was a couple of months after starting TP Creative, when Sharn came into my life. I very quickly knew the Mastermind programme was what I needed to help my business start off on the right foot. I started the Rise and Shine Mastermind programme in May 2019 and it gave me all the tools I needed to start my business on the right foot.

Her mastermind was amazing, it blew my mind in so many ways - it gave me nuggets of information that I could implement for my own self-development and for my business. And these small changes helped my achieve my bigger goals. The best part was all the knowledge she gave me and the other ladies on the mastermind.

I can say whole-heartedly it was empowering. I have always believed ‘Knowledge Is Power’ but only after completing the mastermind I felt EMPOWERED! I felt empowered to talk to my clients with confidence, I felt empowered in myself and empowered to go get more business. This was a very big turning point for me and my business - I started achieving my monthly targets of attaining more leads, more referrals and in turn more business.

I can’t thank Sharn enough for setting my business off on the right foot and building a strong foundation my business needed. So anyone thinking about doing the mastermind, I would highly recommend it. The best part is - you’ll have Sharn as your personal cheerleader every step of the way, she has your back! Thank you Sharn.'

Karen Mann

Makeup Artist

'Sharn was actually one of my first few followers. At that point, I had no idea that I would be going on this journey with her. Something always drew me to her page. When she announced the business and mindset mastermind, I signed up in a heartbeat. I just knew that the mastermind was going to help me take my business to the next level.

I have always believed that investing in yourself, and your business is so important. If you do not invest in yourself, how can you expect your clients to invest in you right?

I knew this was going to be a tough journey, and there was a lot of doubt from people. However, I did not let any negativity stop me. I knew that I had it in me to make this work.

Whilst being on the Shine and Rise mastermind in the last 6 months, my business has gone from strength to strength in terms of clients and enquires! Very early on in 2020 I received bridal bookings for next year.

My makeup work was featured in the prestigious Khush Magazine alongside some amazing and established vendors, which was such a great feeling.

Never did I think that I'd achieve so much, so early on in my make up business. It has such a halo effect on all areas of life!'

Nikita Makwana

Jewellery Designer

'Totally worth the investment 1000%. There are so many things about Sharn and the mastermind that I love, I will try and keep this a manageable read 🙈. When I started Accents UK I hardly had any engagement, I rarely posted selfies anymore on my personal private Instagram let alone my public business one, I had never spoken on video, I wouldn't really talk about my business out loud to anyone. I was just in my own shell...

Then came the Shine & Rise Mastermind... All of this was smashed right through. I love how motivational Sharn is, she pushes you in such a good way that lights a fire in you that you itch to get the work done and see progress. I was always worried I wouldn't understand all of the 'business' stuff but Sharn really teaches you in a way you understand which is exactly what I needed, I've even been watching a couple of our trainings recently to catch up/refresh a few things.

You literally gain a new little family in your mastermind, the ladies I've met are incredible and it's so good having people on a similar mindset level to you for support and friendship 💖. You can ask any question any time in your group and you will always have someone there that will be able to help you. 💛'

Soma Ghosh

Career Happiness Mentor

'I just wanted to share a really heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all of the help Sharn gave me during mastermind. I feel really privileged and happy that I was part of her mastermind, we were able to get bespoke help through her Q&A sessions in the mastermind, we also had hot seats which I found really helpful. 

There are so many amazing things that Sharn teaches you. I think one of the most important things that she teaches you is to believe in yourself and your business.

Sharn has a unique ability to be able to get the best out of you. If you listen to what she has to say and you implement it, you will reap rewards but you have to really listen to what Sharn's saying, and take on board the good and the feedback that she gives you because she always gives you feedback in a positive and reassuring way.

I was looking to up level in my business, and the stuff that we've learned isn't stuff that is just going to last for six months. It can be reapplied again and again, each time I reload and plan my business goals. So, it is worth the investment. So, if you're thinking about doing it, don't think about it, just do it, especially if you're struggling.'


Founder of Ora Social Media

'Sharn, I started in with you in March a different person with just a business idea, no real plan not even a name! You and your programme is so freaking amazing and literally admire you for what you do!

For the first time, I am getting clear on what I want and where I want to go, I am getting uncomfortable and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I am using tools to assist me in moving forward not just with my business but for me personally. Without you, Ora_socialmedia wouldn’t have been born!

The only downside of the MM is that it ends!!!! Thank you so much, Sharn for providing and guiding me with the knowledge and tools to become the best version of myself! I have not only become a better me but I have made some wonderful friends through the process!

The mastermind is a game-changer and I will forever be grateful'

Sonali Tank

Brand Designer

'I hesitantly contacted Sharn about the mastermind in March last year, finances were really tight but when I had the clarity call I just knew that this would somehow help my then product business. I joined the mastermind and our group was fantastic, great support and everyone was in the same boat.

Going through the trainings made me realise that my product business was not serving me and I decided to also have a 121 session with Sharn so I could get tailored help. Sharn showed me my potential of becoming a designer. So I took it in my stride to train myself up, quickly realising how much I already knew. I launched Lilac Rose Designs in November and haven't looked back.

Six months of starting up my new brand, I was able to leave my corporate job. I've been smashing my financial goals every month since then and I have only Sharn to thank for that. So anyone who is on the fence about the mastermind, don't be. Just sign up! The cost may seem high at first but once you apply the training, you'll be making that back twice over. The mastermind changed my life. Thank you so much Sharn.'

Kam Lota

Founder of Soulkami

'I have been through Sharn's mastermind and I can tell you that it's a total game changer.

I really do think that if I hadn't come across her group, mastermind, and her knowledge that this would probably still be a pipe dream, instead of a reality that I am working on in small ways every day (as still working full time too). Hands down ladies, this is the best thing you can do to invest in yourself. Sharn is real, passionate in what she does and really cares about you and your successes!!

I had a dormant dream buried deep within FOR YEARS, too scared to do anything about it, yet unfulfilled......and now im taking bookings for Angelic reiki regularly since last year! 

I only had an idea when I joined the mastermind and now I have set up a beautiful soul led business!

I can't put a price on that kind of magic. Highly encourage you to book on if you're ready for growth personally and professionally!💕💕

You are in a perfect situation to take what you have built and skyrocket it to the next level through the mastermind! DO NOT HESITATE!

Sharan Verma

Fat Loss Coach

'Wow what can I say about Sharn!?

I decided to join AFEC purely because of Sharn’s vibe.  I already had processes and procedures implemented  to run my business.

However, what I lacked was mindset!

Over the past few months, Sharn has helped me envision who my real target market is and has given me the confidence to go full steam ahead.  

Initially I lacked in self confidence and suffered from imposter syndrome, but with Sharn’s guidance and support I quickly turned this around. 

I’ve gone from being a procrastinator to an ACTION TAKER! I have been booking more clients each month since the mastermind!

Thank you Sharn the lessons I’ve learnt from you have been invaluable. I’m really fortunate to have gotten to know you and cannot wait for what the future holds. 

If you’re on the fence thinking about whether you should invest in AFEC, my advice would be not to think about it and just book yourself on. 

You won’t regret it.

Henika Patel

Founder of the School of Sensual Arts

'Before the Mastermind, I knew I had tools the world so deeply needs but I wasn't sure how to share them and how to build my audience. I needed to get clear on my mission and rebrand with purpose and I didn't really know where to start. 

I'd recommend Mastermind to anyone who is looking for these answers and the best cheerleaders to inspire you to build your dreams. We had the most soulful and heart-led mentor in Sharn and the right balance of self led and supported coaching around!

I had my dream launch, where I led a couples workshop for 120 people across the world. I now have an audience of 25,000 across my social platforms and have built a global community which serves the strength, peace and happiness to souls during this unusual time. 

I literally went from a dusty old blog to a global platform serving thousands of people around the world and it's all because I said YES to the mastermind.

If anyone is sitting on the fence, I'd say to dive in because I found that the moment I started investing in my dreams, my dreams invested in me!'

Manisha Monica Champanari

Makeup Artist

'I enrolled onto Sharn’s mastermind back in January 2019 for 6 months and I have to say it was one of the best business decisions I made for the start of 2019.

I had been in business for 11 years prior and really wanted to take my business to another level since making the decision to run it full time.

When you work for yourself, your vision becomes very tunnel and I started to find it hard to think out of the box or look at other opportunities around me.

Working with Sharn really helped me understand my business from my prospective but also from a client’s perspective which I was lacking.

The workshops have been invaluable and what’s great that even though the mastermind came to an end in June, I can still revisit all the material and create new strategies or rework existing strategies to fit my current goals and targets – My business has gone from strength to strength – Thank you Sharn xx'

Mandeep Flora

Founder of Something Flora

'Something Flora was established in 2018 and is an online brand that provides a range of handmade unique frames and luxury hair accessories. 

I started this venture after spending 9 years at a prestigious Investment Bank and decided to follow my own creative path! 

One of my biggest achievements in the last six months  has been the launch of my website! 

I wanted to launch the Something Flora website for over a year and this dream came true in March 2020! 

However, we were literally in the middle of the pandemic week and a few days before lockdown! I did ask in the mastermind group if this was a good time and like Sharn always says "Now is the best time".

I worked super hard on my launch in the weeks and months leading up to it. I got regular feedback and implemented everything I learned from Sharn during the mastermind and one to one session. I took HUGE ACTION!

The launch went just as planned with Sharn and was super successful. Even though it was in the middle of the pandemic we had a huge amount of sales! I implemented some of the mindset tools on the day of launch and it truly worked! I also made a choice to continue my business during Covid-19 and I am so glad I did as it has been super busy with orders! 

I had very briefly started creating the website in 2019 but when facing blocks and obstacles did not know how to move forward. Being on the mastermind I was able to get the website completed within 2.5 months which was just fantastic and an incredible achievement in helping me up level my brand. Having the key business, strategy and mindset support through the mastermind was so valuable to me!

The mastermind has really helped me nail my mindset, without the right mindset it’s hard to move forward in a positive way.  It has also allowed me to obtain opportunities such as the BBC Asian Radio which came directly through the mastermind which was just incredible! 

One content idea which came out of the mastermind hot seat was the Covid-19 stories and the NHS campaign I have done recently - they have been super successful in terms of social media reach.'

Dooshi Kallee

Wedding Planner

'Before the mastermind, I was a bit stuck as I did not know how to go about starting and launching my business.

I joined the mastermind back in October and it has been so helpful in helping me book my first few clients!

It has helped me with my business as it made me realise I needed to understand my brand by peeling in-depth my brand essence, my ideal client and more importantly a strategy of my launch.

I launched my Instagram business account in December and already I have booked three wedding clients!

The best part of the mastermind has been that it pushed me to be more proactive and move my business to the direction I want to be. I make time for my business despite having a full time corporate world.

Having the hot seats with Sharn is like attending the Oscars 😉as she addresses the questions and provides a personal response which makes you take action rather than think about it.

The group of ladies is always supportive and empowering towards each other mainly being Asian females which is nice to see and you feel comfortable asking any questions and not being judged by Sharn or the group! It's such a supportive and like-minded community.

I would recommend the mastermind If you feel you have come to a point and don’t know where to start, launch or grow.

It provides you with a perspective in terms where you want your business to move towards as well as lots of marketing and mindset strategies!

And most of all, you meet a lot of different ladies and can learn so much from them.

For me, it was a no brainer after doing my Desi Bride Dream course to immerse myself in this journey as I now have a plan when to launch my website in June!’

Jagdish Baghra

Founder of Deesh Clothing

'I started mastermind at the beginning of 2020. I wasn’t sure if I was established enough but Sharn recommended to go for it anyway and I am so glad I did.

At the time I was feeling lost, and I lacked a sense of direction. Although I had just soft launched a business idea that I was deeply passionate about and believed in, I still had a thousand  business questions.

In simple terms I needed help. I wanted advice, feedback, strategy, guidance, and support to get this business off the ground. This is exactly what mastermind gave me, and much more. Not only did I get all of this advice, support, feedback from Sharn and the programme, but my mindset and positivity grew tremendously, I also learned lots of other skills like that are all included in mastermind like blog writing, PR, how to organise a photo shoot, and much more.

I also built relationships and made great friends with other ambitious businesswomen that were in the group, and the support is still huge. Since then, my business has grown hugely. I’m getting more and more clients, and I can honestly say I don’t think I could have got here if I hadn’t done the mastermind!'

Juslena Randhawa

Founder of Nashtaa Cafe

'The mastermind programme has been a game changer for me!

The training modules Sharn has created have really helped me be more focussed in my business and think of new creative ideas.

Also the complete mindset learning has helped me shift so many barriers that were stopping me breaking those glass ceilings.

Sharn has really helped me gain a new confidence and belief in myself, I am so glad I joined it has definitely made such an impact in me taking my business to the next level and putting my all into my business. As a result we had a super successful launch and have been super busy with bookings!

Sharn is so helpful and her guidance is unmatched. So grateful to have met her and joined the mastermind. Thank you Sharn and your amazing team. 😘

TOTAL VALUE: £25,000


Please note there are no refunds available under any payment plan.

12 Month Payment Plan

12 Easy Monthly Payments - No refunds available



9 Month Payment Plan

9 Easy Monthly Payments - No refunds available


6 Month Payment Plan

6 Easy Monthly Payments - No refunds available


Pay in Full

1 Time Payment SAVE £100 - No refunds available


Want To Upgrade To VIP?

Rebirth Mastermind Plus 3 x 60 Minute One To One Sessions With Sharn:

Please note there are no refunds available under any payment plan.

Pay in Full

1 Time Payment


9 Month Payment Plan

9 Easy Monthly Payments


6 Month Payment Plan

6 Easy Monthly Payments


Please note that so many of the women that go through the mastermind have consistent money months.

This isn’t a few hundred pounds here and there; this is anything from £1k - £10k per month!

  • Janeena completely pivoted her business in lockdown and launched in January 2021. She has been fully booked since as well as having consistent clients.
  • Henika rebranded her business and led a couples workshop for 120 people across the world. Her content went viral on Instagram and now she has an audience of 25,000 and growing on Instagram!
  • Sonal who is a toastmaster relaunched her business with a huge bang! This included multiple pieces of media including Khush Magazine and BBC Asian Network! She also had her highest income month ever and has launched her own public speaking workshops!
  • Sonali who is a brand designer completely changed her business model and is smashing her income goals each month! She also handed her notice in this year and is full time in her business. 
  • Nish celebrated two consecutive five-figure months in revenue – that’s over £10k in revenue each month!
  • Tanya who is a henna artist celebrated her highest income month in July and got two pieces of amazing press coverage including BBC Oxford Radio! She also has collaborated with John Lewis for their paid Diwali campaign!
  • Aarti celebrated being on the BBC Asian Network radio in the first two weeks of the mastermind! This opportunity definitely would have not happened if she wasn't in the mastermind!
  • Mandeep launched her website in the middle of lockdown but still had an incredible amount of sales and record sales since then!
  • Kajal worked through her money blocks via the training and smashed some extremely big income ceilings! She continues to sell out her workshops and retreats since finishing the mastermind!
  • Sejal launched her beautiful luxury candle brand with a bang and an incredible amount of orders and her brand getting instant recognition!
  • Kam finally launched her healing business after sitting on her idea for 20 years!
  • Gurjinder joined the mastermind during the lockdown. She had to quickly pivot her business due to the events industry being on hold. She has been fully booked in her marketing business since April 2020.
  • Sonali soft launched her new wellness retreat just three weeks into the new mastermind and had her highest income month of £7k recently. She handed in her notice at work in 2019 and is now consistently booked with clients!

These are just some of the phenomenal success stories!

Are you ready to start?

The mastermind is for 5 months but you can choose to spread the payments over a longer period of time. Please note there are no refunds available under any payment plan.

Why this Mastermind:


I’m a qualified mindset coach therefore I specialise in game changing and deep mindset tools and techniques. And I know exactly what holds Asian female entrepreneurs back and how to release those blocks. 

Mindset is so key to business, 80% in fact! Yet so many Asian female entrepreneurs don’t realise the importance of it. I’ll be demonstrating the key mindset tools I use to remove blocks for my own business and that have worked for countless other Asian female entrepreneurs. 

In this unique mastermind I will be bringing together unique tools and mindset strategies that I haven’t shared before, plus you’ll also get access to guest experts as well to help you move past your blocks and limiting beliefs that sabotage you.

Soulful Online Marketing

I’m an online marketing expert with over 10 years’ experience, so I know all things PPC, SEO, holistic strategy and so much more! This is exactly why I’ve been able to get to where I want to be quicker, and with a soulful business that’s sustainable. 

But my results aren’t important. What matters is I have coached and mentored hundreds of Asian female entrepreneurs to success in their businesses, ranging from their first £3k months to hitting their first six figures in business. These ladies are constantly booking out their dream clients and generating big sales. And they’re doing it in a soulful way. 

I’m going to teach you my top copy and content formulas so you too can create content that resonates with your ideal clients and helps generate those all-important sales! 

Not forgetting, you’re also learning from someone who has a 6-figure sustainable business and is a woman of colour. Our blocks are completely different to others, so we need the right tools and strategies to support us.

Accountability + High Vibe Environment

Look, I get it. Entrepreneurship can be super lonely and isolating. That is why my high-vibe intimate Facebook group is invaluable. You will be supported not only by me but by other ambitious Asian female entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you.

I’ll be teaching you the marketing and mindset tools you can carry with you through the rest of your life, and so you can make those quantum shifts in your business. If you don’t take action now, your dream could be years away.  

 Not in this Mastermind! It’s time to take action NOW.

Imagine in a year's time... 

You’ve released the cultural and mindset blocks that were holding you back from reaching your full potential. You are showing up daily in your best powerful self.

You’ve ditched the fear and have fully stepped into your next level in your business and are attracting incredible opportunities and feeling fully confident in your skin.  

You’re running a soulful, empowering business, working with your dream clients, generating big sales, and making a HUGE impact in the world!



Here are just some of my results from some incredible women I have worked with:

Nikita Makwana

Jewellery Designer and Founder of Accents

Sonali Tank

Brand Designer and Founder of Lilac Rose Designs

Karen Mann

Makeup Artist


Markerting Expert - Black Mamba Marketing

Why me?

Simply put, because I was YOU!

I’ve done all the mindset and strategy work you are about to embark on, and it works. 

But I didn’t have it easy. 

I was a child of first-generation immigrants in the UK, and I felt rejected and isolated.

I was raised on the roughest streets of my hometown, surrounded by drugs and prostitutes until I was 14 years old.

I was conditioned to believe that I had to work hard if I wanted to earn good money.

But instead of leaning into these beliefs, I rebelled.

In 2016, I was making zero income, I was super stressed out, and I constantly felt unworthy of success or abundance. 

I was at an all-time low and I knew things needed to change.

I wanted the success, income, and impact I was so desperately craving. 

And I wanted to forge the path for future Asian female entrepreneurs to break free from their cultural blocks and live the lives they deserve too!

In under 2 years, I was able to replace my corporate income in online marketing with my successful wedding planning business – Desi Bride Dreams.

And in 2017, The Asian Female Collective was born.

A community of like-minded Asian Female Entrepreneurs who want to reach their full potential and live their dream life.

My secret?

Through every phase of my life, I’ve never failed to realise I hold the power to change my own course. I consistently say “yes” to my dreams, and I truly believe you can live the life you deeply desire. 

And guess what?

In the last 4 years I have:

  • Created a soulful, mission-driven 6-figure online business which grows each year and even grew in the pandemic!
  • Attracted consistent clients year on year who get epic results, even throughout a global pandemic.
  • Been featured in press articles such as BBC Breakfast, Huffington Post, and Marie Claire.
  • Travelled the world including LA, New York, India, Canada, Italy, and Portugal all in one year!

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want the same for YOU.

12 Month Payment Plan

12 Easy Monthly Payments - Please note there are no refunds available under any payment plan.


9 Month Payment Plan

9 Easy Monthly Payments - Please note there are no refunds available under any payment plan.


6 Month Payment Plan

6 Easy Monthly Payments - Please note there are no refunds available under any payment plan.


Pay in Full

1 Time Payment SAVE £100 - Please note there are no refunds available under any payment plan.


Want To Upgrade To VIP?

Rebirth Mastermind Plus 3 x 60 Minute One To One Sessions With Sharn:

Please note there are no refunds available under any payment plan.

Pay in Full

1 Time Payment


9 Month Payment Plan

9 Easy Monthly Payments


6 Month Payment Plan

6 Easy Monthly Payments


But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what my previous mastermind clients are saying…

Tracy Smith

Founder of Style with Tracy

“I may not have seem it, but I had lost my confidence and lacked self-belief. I guess starting two businesses via Social Media led me to the 'comparison' mindset! I saw Sharn's Mastermind on Instagram actually because a lot of fellow MUA's and small businesses I've collaborated with raved about it! So, I knew straight away I had to join AFEC and explore this further. I joined and knew I wanted to put Style with Tracy first because, after practicing mindset with Sharn, it made me see its potential.

Having been through the mastermind, I would say, firstly, the results are driven due to the support that's given, the insights, a wealth of knowledge and the sisterhood, which I love!

Women supporting women! That is exactly what this is and so much more. Mentally, my mindset completely changed, and I took control of my dreams more. Over time my confidence grew, and it really ignited more sparks within me and showed me how much marketing I know, how far I have come, my USPs and my uniqueness.

I took on board the modules and implemented the ones that resonated with me and that my business needed, which is great because it helps with overwhelm. I can confidently say I have had a lot more bridal and editorial inquiries (my ideal clients) and A LOT of brand collaborations with premium beauty brands. The results have been amazing and I love how you must be accountable and dedicated within this journey to truly grow. It's been absolutely amazing, and I didn't think I would get this far, especially because of the clientele (wedding industry during the pandemic).

I would highly recommend this to other Asian female entrepreneurs without a doubt! If you truly want to learn how to pivot your business using a full 360 business plan, then the Shine and Rise Mastermind is perfect for you. I would say think about the investment, without investing in yourself and your business it stays static. 

Not only that but you get to meet so many amazing women who are in the same boat and learn from their experiences too! The support shown by Sharn and her team is amazing, it is in fact very inspiring and powerful to grow your business with the support of fellow Asian female entrepreneurs.

I was sitting on the fence because of financial and personal reasons, including working full time. However, I realised that I do not want to work for someone else's dream all my life and that I want to build mine. If you invest in yourself and your business, put in the work, and really think outside the box, then you will see the ROI. That is exactly what I am seeing now.

I truly believe it has been the best decision I have made! It's pushed me to work harder on my dreams and make them happen!”

Jas Bamrah

Rapid Transformational Theraphy (RTT) Practitioner

'I was a few months into my new practice when I decided to join the Mastermind programme.

I’m a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner, specialising in getting you through your grief and beyond to live a life of purpose.

I started my RTT business in January 2020, but only started getting paid clients in April 2020.

My business is something I'm very passionate about and having discovered RTT for myself, seeing the quick and effective results it gets, I was excited to have found a path to help others, and level up in my own career.

Like many of you who start a new business, with a passion to do something or provide something, and be your own boss, I found that I was suddenly lost in a sea of marketing, social media, PR, visibility, etc.. things that I hadn't really thought would be so involved in my actual business.

I knew I was amazing at what I did, I knew I got great results but I didn't know how to showcase my business or move it forward.

I was also coming from a "I want to help as many people as I can" angle.  This meant I was trying to reach out to everybody and not really truly connecting with anybody, well not as many people as I would've liked.

I also had those inner fears of success, especially as an Asian single parent.

I felt like I was just going whichever way each day was taking me without a clear direction to my end goal.

And I'm so thrilled that I joined! I got to work on my mindset,  I learned so many business skills (stuff that you do not get taught in life on your own), I found an amazing group of like-minded ladies who have become cheerleaders in my business.

I learned tons about running a business, social media, got over my visibility issues, cracked down on my niche and got immense clarity on where I'm headed.

Sharn is 'what you see is what you get' and I love that about her. It's what drew me to her in the first place. She's knowledgeable, accessible and knows exactly how to guide you through the fog of confusion that is so common in a new business.

I also learned that investing in myself, in my business, when done correctly,  has a huge return, just as this Mastermind has done for me.

If you're in need of clarity, strategy and support, then get on this programme! You'll be glad you did.

I wish I could do it all over again!'

Ruby Seera

Makeup Artist

'I started the mastermind in March just as lockdown was to be announced. It has been the best decision that I made.

I went into the mastermind with massive doubts about my business, and whether or not I should even carry on moving forward with hair and makeup.

Lets face it, weddings, social gatherings and life in general was put on hold. I spent some time completely frozen and off social media.

However the mastermind was just what I needed at the right time! 

Sharn's energy, enthusiasm and encouragement pushed me to get myself back out there.

Within weeks, I was confident enough to create videos for Instagram. I have even managed to go live on Instagram and received fabulous feedback on these. I have launched my amazing 1:1 zoom makeup sessions. I have collaborated with some fabulous brands to create a goody bag for the sessions.

More recently, the 2021 bookings have started to roll in!

The mastermind group is super high vibe and positive and we all support each other so much on a daily basis. To improve your business you need to be around positive women!

If you are prepared to put in the work and effort, this is 100% for you!'

Kajal Mehta

Founder of Kajal's Kitchen

I heard Sharn’s story and my heart and eyes lit up. I felt I had to meet her and learn more about her journey, so I started listening to a few of Sharn’s live’s and felt like I could gain something more from her Mastermind. Without a second thought, I joined it!

I found Sharn is a great listener and can distill the many, and often complex, issues facing an individual- these might be things that are not immediately obvious, for example, for me, it was some blockage of my childhood which was blocking my mindset from raising the bar to earn more money. Sharn helped me solve this problem by coaching me and helped me see solutions to unblock my mindset and empowered me with tools to raise my ability to earn more.

Sharn gives a great perspective to the workshop and every individual is empowered to openness in discussing their business issues and she encouraged everyone on board to work together and help each other without being biased. All this is done under full confidentiality.

I feel more focused on my business after mastermind and would recommend anyone out there to sign up without worrying about the results as there will be countless positive outcomes. As a result of the mastermind I have become more visible than ever on social media and been selling out workshops weekly with ease!

The mastermind has definitely had such a positive impact on my revenue and income. The money blocks have gone!


Sajaa Online Indian Jewellery Boutique

'I am the founder of Sajaa which is an online boutique showcasing a curated collection of exquisitely handcrafted Indian jewellery. This range focuses on bridal jewellery, party wear and gift sets. 

I will soon be branching out to include a casual everyday customisable gemstone jewellery range designed and handmade by myself!

This collection will be available on my website soon! @sajaa_indianjewelleryboutique

Over the past 6 plus months my confidence and mindset has gone from strength to strength! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Before this, I did not have much confidence. My Instagram page was pretty much anonymous because I didn't want to be seen or heard, and I was easily affected by negativity around me, which in turn affected my work.

After working on my mindset using techniques and strategies suggested by Sharn, I had a huge boost in confidence, and I am not afraid to be seen or heard, I am more focused on my goals than ever before and I am so much more visible on social media! 

Joining Sharn's Mastermind business mentoring course was a game changer for me. I remember her saying "mindset is key", and now that I have done the work and seen the difference it makes, I couldn't agree more. I'm too busy even to notice any negativity around me now!

Mindset work is not a quick fix and requires persistence and consistency. But now that I have the lifelong tools and strategies I know I can achieve anything I want!

Thank you so much Sharn for giving me this life skill, and for reminding me that the possibilities are endless!

Being part of the Mastermind course meant being surrounded by strong-minded, encouraging and supportive women.

Most of these incredible women have now become friends for life and I will forever be grateful to Sharn for creating such a beautiful support group.

Being an Asian business woman kind of gets quite lonely, so having this group was a blessing for me and helped me come out of my shell.

I will always be grateful for the love, kindness, encouragement and support I had from this group.'

Sejal Assi

Directore at Amaura London

'Having worked in the corporate world for over a decade I had started to feel the burn out of working long hours whilst juggling the everyday responsibilities of two young children and dependant parents.

The pressure of my life continued and I started to feel anxious……I always felt this would go away, but unfortunately it didn’t. I knew something had to change. For me, family comes first and I decided to take a career break, initially only for a short period of time. Amazing how quickly 6 years fly by.

Enough was enough. As an independent Asian-educated woman it was time for me to do something for myself and most importantly my two young boys what I had to offer.

I have developed a real interest in wellness and eco-friendly products, to manage my anxiety, especially since my mum suffered a life-changing stroke 7 years ago, so creating eco-luxury home fragrances was a natural fit for me.

Now I had the idea- I didn’t know where to start…

Life always connects you with the right people at the right time…it was then that I came across AFEC (Asian Female Entrepreneur Collective) on Facebook and the Mastermind programme. I spoke to Sharn, the founder of AFEC, and after our first conversation, I instantly knew that her programme was for me. I took the plunge.

I found her course both structured and informative. It was a great roadmap to get my business started with a clear training programme, regular Q & A’s, and mentoring sessions with a group of women all in the same boat. When I signed up all I had was an idea. I had limiting beliefs of my capability, but the course and Sharn have helped me believe in myself.

Considering my corporate background I have learned so much from her and the mastermind.

It was using the AFEC training modules and worksheets that made me really focus on my proposition and my why. It took a long time to really get into it, but like anything, you have to put in the work to get the best of anything. Doing this course won’t create your dream business, but YOU taking action on the work that is provided definitely will. I really had to get my head down. The kids were home-schooling, my husband was working from home and they all needed feeding regularly. It was a real juggling act, but I was determined to create this brand.

I wanted to create a home fragrance range that not only looked and smelt amazing but filled my home with a positive ambiance. Another key aspect for me was that I created products made with ethically sourced ingredients that really helped my family’s wellbeing and mood during these uncertain times.

Amaura was born – Blending a combination of the words – Ambiance and Aura. ‘Am’- For creating a positive ambiance and ‘Aura’ for creating a positive energy in your home.

I launched on November 3rd, right before the second lockdown, and the feedback has been amazing and completely overwhelming. I am so grateful. It’s been hard work and a steep learning curve, but I have loved it. But most of all I believe in myself again and I am surrounded and I feel supported by strong genuine woman who want to help you raise you up. I couldn’t have done this so quickly without the support of my amazing husband and supportive children. My boys tell me how proud they are of me all the time and that is priceless…All I had was an idea when I started the Mastermind in March and Sharn's’ words…Stop all the BullXXXX and get on with it. What are you waiting for ladies….

Chetna Halai

Spiritual Life Coach

'Sharn's energy and vibration is so high and contagious.

You cannot help but feel that on hot seat calls with her and speaking to her regularly helped me maintain my own.

Sharn's support and guidance to me and the group were invaluable.

She is one who you want to be around to take your business to the next level.'

Deepak Bhambra

Fashion Designer

'I started the mastermind in March just before lockdown. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I went into the mastermind lacking confidence and not believing in myself. It has honestly been life-changing for me. My confidence has grown and I am more productive and have a positive mindset to life and I feel like a new me.

My engagement on my Instagram has shot up. I have a brand new website, brand new orders and the mindset work has been working wonders.

I have also been attracting my dream clients that I want to work with due to the mastermind trainings and guidance we have been given. 

Someone asked me the other day how I keep so productive and happy all the time and I said it was because of the mastermind.

I have met some amazing women who keep you motivated and help you when you need advice. It’s made me so passionate about my work and I am prepared to put the hard work in.

If you are passionate and are willing to put the hard work in I would say definitely go for it.'

So, tell me.

Are you ready to finally step into your highest self and commit to your vision and dream once and for all? 

Are you ready to join an amazing community of like-minded, purpose-led Asian Female Entrepreneurs?

Are you ready for your REBIRTH? Please note under no circumstance are refunds available.

12 Month Payment Plan

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9 Month Payment Plan

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6 Month Payment Plan

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Want To Upgrade To VIP?

Rebirth Mastermind Plus 3 x 60 Minute One To One Sessions With Sharn:

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9 Month Payment Plan

9 Easy Monthly Payments


6 Month Payment Plan

6 Easy Monthly Payments



Who is this mastermind for?

This is a mastermind for ambitious Asian female creative entrepreneurs that are finally ready to take big action and actually do the work! This is designed for established business owners looking to GROW!

When does the mastermind start?

What if I’m away for part of the programme?

Do you offer a payment plan?

Do you offer refunds?

What time are the sessions?

How many hours a week do I need to commit?

Can I do this whilst working full-time?

Are the results guaranteed?

The mastermind starts on Wednesday 9th March 2022 and is a 5 month mastermind.

You will receive lifetime access to all materials so if you are away you can pick it up later on when needed.

Yes, we do please see above. Otherwise you can pay up front. Please contact me regarding this on

Due to the nature of this mastermind, no refunds are available. Once you have made payment you will be emailed a contract to be signed. Under no circumstances is the deposit refundable and you will be liable to pay the full amount. If you pay the full amount its non refundable.

Only the first training which is the mastermind training is live training which will be held late afternoon. The date is to be confirmed but it will be available on replay. 

The rest of the trainings are in the portal so you can access these at your leisure. 

The Q&A's sessions and hot seats are usually late afternoons or early evening usually on a Thursday. Dependent on lockdown or the pandemic we will decide if these should remain the same or move to early evening.

Your dream life and vision takes commitment and vision. We recommend setting aside 3-4 hours of learning and implementation time for you.

Yes of course! I built my first business doing the same. You can absolutely do anything you put your mind to!

No reputable coach or mentor can guarantee you results, and this mastermind is not a get rich quick mastermind! Therefore, we cannot guarantee any kind of result but what we know to be true is that the women that show up, work hard, implement, participate and take action get epic results! No results are guaranteed though!