Welcome to the Elite Circle: Where High-Vibe Asian Women in Business claim their true power which has been hidden, conquer cultural mindset hurdles, and elevate their business to the next level.


Join a groundbreaking membership movement tailored for Asian female entrepreneurs, where cultural barriers are dismantled, you forge deep connections with fellow Asian women, and together, shatter the glass ceilings obstructing your path to fully step into your power and create the business of your dreams.

Tired of being sidelined and society's whispers of "you can't"?
It's time to rewrite the narrative and thrive in your business.

You were not born to shrink into the shadows…

And you certainly weren’t born to:

  • Be held back by cultural and mindset blocks that are getting in the way of achieving your business vision. Such as fear of failing, visibility blocks, and lack of confidence - stopping you from putting yourself out there and pressing ‘live’ on that video or social media post. Your voice, your vision—deserve to be heard and seen.
  • Caught in the whirlwind of responsibilities as an Asian woman, juggling roles as a wife, mother, daughter, caregiver, and homemaker? It's no wonder you feel stretched thin, struggling to find time for yourself, let alone grow your business and make a meaningful impact. But imagine a reality where your time is reclaimed, where you're empowered to pursue your passions and create the life you desire. Let's carve out space for growth and impact for your business.

  • Spend your day's doom scrolling on social media, comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing, whilst feeling overwhelmed, confused, and unclear of what to work on to move the needle forward in your business. You constantly question yourself and think - will my business ever work?

  • Constantly haggling with clients over your prices and hustle for pennies which dents your confidence and allows negative thoughts to set in when you could be fully valuing yourself, working fewer hours, and attracting high-end clients who can’t wait to pay you.

You weren’t born to be ‘obedient’ and constantly adhere to cultural norms. You weren’t born to put everyone else before you and put your needs last. You weren’t born to let your culture dictate who you should be, what you should say, and how you should behave. You weren’t born to constantly doubt yourself and hide your true self online.

I know deep down you were meant for more.

As an Asian woman, you were destined to rewrite the rules. Your voice, your power, your essence—they defy expectations. It's time to shatter the confines of societal norms and embrace your uniqueness with unapologetic confidence.

Feel the freedom of independence, the thrill of breaking barriers, and the pure joy of living life on your terms. You were born for greatness, for success beyond measure. Step into your birthright, and claim the life and business you've always dreamt of. You were born for MORE.

And claiming your birthright starts right here.

"To say working with Sharn has been life-changing is an understatement. I cannot believe the difference from when I started with Sharn when I had no clear direction and felt stuck with not only having launched and become fully booked, but so many opportunities have come about that are truly aligned with my core values and all areas of my life thriving.

I also quit my NHS job and went full-time in my business."

- Devita Thandi

Founder of Children's Physiotherapy by Devita

"I'd recommend Sharn's mentoring to anyone who is looking for answers and the best cheerleaders to inspire you to build your dreams. We had the most soulful and heart-led mentor in Sharn and the right balance of self-led and supported coaching around!

I had my dream launch, where I led a couples workshop for 120 people across the world. I now have an audience of 25,000 across my social platforms and have built a global community. I have been selling out my programmes and workshops with ease. 

If anyone is sitting on the fence, I'd say to dive in because I found that the moment I started investing in my dreams, my dreams invested in me!"

- Henika Patel

Founder of the School of Sensual Arts

One voice can start to pave a path.
Multiple voices can move mountains.

Read that again.

If you choose to join this membership, you’re pledging to collectively make waves, challenge cultural norms, and open doors for future generations. You’re part of a group of fellow trailblazers vowing to flip the script and light the way for a future where Asian women lead, innovate, and inspire. And you’re committing to forging a sisterhood that celebrates their differences, champions equality, and fuels the dreams of every Asian woman on this planet.

Together, we are a force to be reckoned with and I can’t wait for you to connect with fellow like-minded Asian women with zero bitchy vibes, and gain access to invaluable resources and masterclasses that are going to take your business to the next level.

No ‘bitchy’ vibes or cliques allowed.

I don’t know about you but I’ve gotten sick and tired of seeing all the online cliques and offline meetups where you feel like you simply don’t belong. Where ‘women supporting women’ is far from the agenda and like-minded conversations are few and far between.

And that’s precisely one of the reasons that led me here… to building a network of ‘non-bitchy’, high-vibe Asian women who genuinely want the best for each other. A safe space where you can feel free from judgement to express yourself and ask questions. Where in-person meetups are high-end and luxurious but at the heart of them is community, soulful friendships, and epic collaborations.

This is THE membership for your
mindset, soul, and business.

  • It doesn’t matter how many systems you have in place, how often you post on social media, or how well you can write a business plan…90% of your success depends on your mindset.
  • Yes, business and marketing strategies matter - and they are something we’ll cover deeply within the membership - but without building self-belief, self-confidence, and self-worth, we ignore the most important components of reaching our full potential and manifesting our dream life.
  • That’s why I’m so excited to bring in my most trusted guest experts, alongside myself, who are industry leaders in their field so that you can master your mindset AND your business/marketing strategies. These incredible pieces of training aren’t available anywhere else for Asian women in business at this level, and I’m honoured to be able to offer this way to work with me in such an affordable and accessible way.
  • And the part I’m most excited about? Providing bespoke quarterly meetups in London and Midlands so you can combat that feeling of loneliness by connecting in person with like-minded Asian women, building meaningful relationships, forge epic collaborations, and feeling truly part of a supportive Asian community that has your back in everything you do.

Because I am here to change the trajectory for Asian women in business - and So. Are. You.

Applied knowledge is power’...
so let’s get started.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 12-month exclusive membership to support your business growth for the next year.
  • 1 x top-tier guest expert workshop per month covering business, soulful marketing and/or mindset so you can take positive action, start attracting and booking high-end clients, and start to build the life and business you always dreamed of.
  • 1 x live monthly Q&A session in our private Facebook group with yours truly; Sharn Khaira, where I’ll answer all your burning questions and provide that much-needed guidance and high-vibe energy. You will move forward in your business quicker than ever before.
  • 1 x transformative workbook to support all your learning and implementation.
  • Private Facebook Community full of fellow trailblazers and glass ceiling breakers who truly ‘get it’ and want to cheer you on.
  • Access to quarterly luxe London and Midlands in-person meetups, ticketed exclusively for members only. (Think decadent dinners and blissful brunches!)
  • A lavish, fun, and community-led Christmas party to celebrate 2024 together in style.

And So Much More


12 Easy Monthly Payments


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1-Time Payment


These are the trainings we have planned for the upcoming year for you.

Social Media Sales Strategy

High-End Client Messaging and Positioning

Personal Branding Content

Overcome Mindset Blocks

Overcome Money Blocks

Instagram Sales

TikTok Sales

Creating An Aligned Marketing Strategy

Using AI in your
Business To Save Time

Vision and Goal
Mapping To Achieve
Your Goals

Healing Ceremonies To Help You Release Your Cultural Blocks

Manifest your Dream Business

Create Compelling
Videos That Convert

Overcoming Sales Blocks and Creating an Aligned Sales Strategy

Creating Offers That Actually Sell

How To Have a Website That Converts

How To Create A Compelling Offer That Sells

How To Build An Email List To Generate Soulful Sales

Inner Child Healing To Overcome Blocks

How To Automate In Your Business To Save Time


"Sharn's programmes have been a game changer for me!

The training modules Sharn has created have really helped me be more focussed on my business and think of new creative ideas.

Also, the complete mindset learning has helped me shift so many barriers that were stopping me from breaking those glass ceilings.

Sharn has really helped me gain a new confidence and belief in myself, I am so glad I joined it has definitely made such an impact in me taking my business to the next level and putting my all into my business. As a result, we had a super successful launch and have been super busy with bookings!

Sharn is so helpful and her guidance is unmatched.."

- Juslena Randhawa

Founder of Nashtaa Cafe

"Joining Sharn's programme has been nothing short of epic for my health, wellness and EFT healing business.

The work around the money mindset was a true gamechanger and I didn’t realise just how many blocks and limiting beliefs I had around money. Sharn helped me shift these barriers and as a result, my business has been going from strength to strength! I have been attracting dream clients that I would have never dreamed of, which has given me so much confidence and motivation to continue to grow.

Ladies, if you’re on the fence about investing in yourselves and your business, THIS is the programme for you. The whole experience was everything I expected and more!"

- Meeta Darji

Founder of Naturally Nourished

How is the Asian Female Entrepreneur Club different from other memberships?

Because it focuses on the 4 key areas needed for a successful business.


Your Female Asian Entrepreneur Club Mentor.

Hey there, incredible soul. My name is Sharn Khaira. The UK’s leading Business and Mindset Mentor for Asian female entrepreneurs. I am also an International Speaker on a global mission to support, empower, and educate as many Asian female entrepreneurs as possible.

From growing up on the roughest streets of my hometown to being the subject of corporate bullying, feeling stuck, miserable, and unfulfilled, I’ve always known I was destined for more.

Leaving my high-flying (but soul-sucking) agency marketing role in 2015, I followed my heart by setting up my own luxury wedding planning business; Desi Bride Dreams, which proved highly successful and taught me so many of the business lessons I still share today.

Deep down, however, I knew I had a more meaningful calling. So, in 2017, I set up the Asian Female Entrepreneur Collective, qualifying as a business and mindset coach, so women in my community could come together to talk about business, cultural challenges, taboo topics, and more! The group has now grown to over 2300 members and continues to help countless Asian female entrepreneurs smash down cultural blocks and live the lives they deserve.

My business has generated close to 1 million pounds in online sales and I have coached hundreds and hundreds of Asian female entrepreneurs to success.

My biggest belief?

You can build the life you desire because anything is possible. If I’ve done it, so can you. There’s no gatekeeping here. As a collective, we are stronger. As a collective, we have the power to change our future. And as a collective, we are unstoppable.

It’s time to flip the script.

Because by joining this exclusive membership you’ll find yourself…

  • You will learn the marketing, business and sales strategies that will take your business to the next level. You will be provided with detailed non-fluff pieces of training which you can take and immediately implement in your business.
  • Feeling seen, supported, and understood, surrounded by like-minded Asian women who genuinely want to see you succeed - making you feel like you can put yourself out there, grasp hold of opportunities, and make decisions based on your fulfilment rather than what society wants.
  • Mastering your mindset and releasing the cultural blocks that just keep holding you back. You will step into sharing your true voice online instead of the filtered one you express because you think you should be being ‘good’, and showing up on camera and social media confidently and owning your own space without fearing what other people think.
  • Showcasing your skills and putting yourself forward for opportunities you wouldn’t usually dare dream of because you truly value yourself, believe in your abilities, and know that nothing is impossible for you.
  • Eliminating haggling clients because you know your worth and no longer feel held back by money blocks so instead attract high calibre clients who love to pay you.
  • Procrastinating less, producing more, and spending time doing the things you love making you genuinely enjoy your life instead of feeling constrained and unfulfilled by following all the ‘rules’.
  • Able to move your business forward quicker than before because you’re not waiting for the answers to come to you - you’re in a safe space where you can ask questions and receive the guidance you need.
  • Invited to exclusive in-person meetups with a super luxe vibe that are different from the usual cliquey meetups you keep seeing online, that sends you running for the hills, when instead you could be built up by incredible, supportive Asian women who ‘get it’ and encourage you to do the things you’re scared of and go after everything you desire.

This exclusive membership has been designed especially for you Amazing Asian Female Entrepreneur. And it’s the only container of its kind for Asian women that combines both business strategy and mindset, in a safe, supportive environment without the ‘cliques’. The only container of its kind that addresses cultural conditioning, money blocks, and limiting beliefs. The only container of its kind that champions you cracking, smashing, and completely obliterating that glass ceiling that holds you back.

As Asian women, we have so many cultural blocks that hold us back, including fear of judgement just to name a few.

If you are ever going to step into your full potential you have to release these. And I know you can’t do it alone. How do I know - because I tried.

Because there is no place in this world anymore for us to be underrepresented, undervalued, and underestimated. We are fighters. We are leaders. We are changemakers. And we are here to fulfil our potential and so much more.

What do we need? More Asian women like you lighting the way, creating movements of your own and living the life you truly deserve. And ultimately, changing the world.

The only question now is,
will you be one of them?


12 Easy Monthly Payments



1-Time Payment


"I was feeling stuck and trapped in my business.

I was watching other business owners thriving and everything I did seemed so difficult and not in flow at all. I knew there was another way - fast forward to the end of the programme, and I’m currently holding an online spiritual healing programme booked with dream clients, and I’ve just come back from Italy where I held my first-ever transformational retreat. I have been selling them out every time since working with Sharn.

I have gained the confidence to become visible in my business through my content and book my dream clients for my healing services, programmes and retreats!

Even though I faced real resistance to joining the programme in the beginning, it was everything that I needed and so much more."

- Rehmat Rayatt

Founder of Trauma Alchemist

"Working with Sharn has changed my life.

I made the most sales I ever had just one week after launching my makeup course.

Her programme not only helped me grow my business to new levels but also helped me with the inner mindset work which is so important as an entrepreneur.

I am now going through a rebrand, launching new courses and starting an online membership programme for makeup artists to help them build, grow and scale their business. If you are looking to transform your business, you will have no regrets about working with Sharn it will be the best investment you make - it will change your life."

- Sav

Glow up By S Samuel

The Asian Female Entrepreneur Club Is Right For You If:

  • You want to grow your business to the next level with high-end clients that pay what you want to charge.
  • You want to release the cultural blocks that keep you stuck and playing small. You are ready to step into your true power this year.
  • You want to finally find your tribe of like-minded Asian women female entrepreneurs in London/Midlands so you can have soulful connections in real life with big-impact collaborations.
  • You want to have access to monthly special digital masterclasses created by myself and other amazing qualified experts which helps you launch, run and grow a successful business. not to mention a live Q&A with me each month so you can get all of your business, mindset and spirituality questions answered.
  • You want to invest in business training at a super affordable monthly price as you aren’t ready to be part of my membership or one-to-one coaching just yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this membership for?

This membership is for Asian female entrepreneurs whether you are at the start of their business journey or further along, feeling either stuck and stagnant, or simply longing for that sense of community and support from like-minded, high-vibe women.  

When does the membership start and how long is it for?

The membership starts on Wednesday 12th June and runs for 12 months, which you will then have the option to renew.  

Where is the membership hosted?

Once you’ve paid your monthly fee or paid in full just before Wednesday 12th June you will be invited to join our private Facebook group where you’ll gain access to our monthly guest expert and Q&A sessions, as well as access to our incredible community so you can support each other from the get-go. All trainings will be hosted in the portal.

How can I pay?

You can either pay monthly at £47 per month across 12 months, or you can pay in full for £470, getting 2 months free!  

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this membership, no refunds are available. Under no circumstances are your monthly payments able to be stopped until you have completed the 12 months. If you pay in full, this amount is also non-refundable. If payments aren't made then further action will be taken.

Where will the in-person events be held?

Our incredible in-person meetups will be held quarterly in luxe venues in Birmingham and London. Dates will be shared in June when we start the membership.  

Can I cancel anytime?

This is a year-long commitment for a reason - growth, development, and building relationships take time and I’m so excited for you to join us for the full year and watch the opportunities unfold. With that being said, unfortunately, you will be unable to cancel your membership until the year is up. Further action will be taken if you don’t complete the payments.